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Tankless Water Heater Installation Orange County

Responsive 24-Hour Emergency Water Heater Replacement & Repair

Tankless water heaters in Orange County have surged in popularity over the last few years, as they offer homeowners a way of upgrading their home to get rid of some of the most tedious problems and some of the biggest safety risks they have.

Conventional water heaters get the job done, but are inherently flawed. For starters, they have a finite tank of heated water, and they will run out eventually if they continue to run for too long.

They also are prone to issues like leaking and pressure buildup, both of which could seriously damage your home. Too much pressure could even result in serious injuries, should it cause an extremely rare but still plausible sudden burst.

At Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we want to make replacing your tank a thing of the past, and we do that by offering upgrades to tankless water heating technology. We're the team to count on when you want "Tankless Done Right!"

Call (714) 695-5566 or contact us online today to schedule dependable & lasting replacement or new water heater installation in Orange County, CA!


Why Install a Tankless Water Heater?

Why should you switch to a tankless water heating system? The answer is simple: for the same reason people switched away from candles as a primary source of light or from an open flame as the source of heat for cooking. Tankless water heaters work better, are safer, are more reliable, and perform the task you need better than any predecessor technology.

Installing a tankless water heater in Orange County may be a more expensive investment, however their extra cost is justified by a number of outstanding benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy. In fact, almost any Orange County homeowner could benefit from switching to tankless.

Here are just a few of the best reasons to switch to a tankless water heating system:

  • Better reliability: Tankless water heaters are less prone to problems like leaking, dying heating elements, and more. Because of this, they’re less likely to need service or experience outages. Virtually every part of a tankless unit us serviceable, helping you avoid needing replacement and making tankless water heater repair easy.
  • Likewise, when one does need service, it’s less likely to need a total replacement due to virtually every part of a tankless water heater being serviceable.
  • Better energy efficiency: Because your tankless water heater in Orange County would heat the water you use one time, rather than constantly heating a stored tank, they use far less energy than their tank-style predecessor.
  • Leaks can be fixed: With a tank-style water heater, a leak basically spelled the end of your water heater’s life. With a tankless heater, leaks can be repaired, restoring your heater to working health once again quickly and easily.
  • Never run out of hot water again: Tankless water heaters heat the water you need as your home demands it. That means no giant tank of stored water to ever run out, and a limitless supply of hot water. No more worrying about the last shower of the morning using the last of the hot water—you’ll have all the water you need, no matter how much that might be.
  • Better savings: Because they use less energy, they’re easier to fix, and they’re safer to operate, your tankless water heater could save you money by paying for the difference in the upgrade cost within the lifespan of an average tank-style heater.

If you’re tired of your old water heater constantly causing trouble, you’re sick of replacing your tank every eight to ten years, and you want a safer alternative to your old water heater, then installing a tankless water heater in Orange County is the perfect investment in your home! We encourage you to speak to our experienced plumbers and begin the process of choosing your tankless water heater!

Schedule your high-quality replacement, installation, or other service relating to tankless water heaters in Orange County by calling (714) 695-5566 or contacting us online today! We service Long Beach, Garden Grove, and beyond.

Decades of Impeccable Service:

  • Laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision

    “Took the time to explain in detail what they would do and laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision about what worked best form me.”

    - Rick O.
  • Awesome job and very knowledgeable and very professional suggestions

    “I’m very pleased and looking forward to working with this company. They have other good quality product and services worth looking into. Thank you.”

    - Consuelo N.
  • I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.

    “Very conscientious technicians who took apart and cleaned our unit then waited while we ran and tested water. I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.”

    - Dr. Mark G.
  • The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.

    “After explaining the unit, cost estimate, he repaired the heater professionally. The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.”

  • I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service

    “The guys showed up on time, determined what the problem and very deftly fixed the issue. I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service. I would highly recommend them.”

    - Henna P.

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