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Do you have a plumbing leak? It might surprise you to learn just how common a leak can be. The EPA estimates that one out of every ten homes has a leak that wastes 90 gallons of water or more per day, and that adds up to an incredible total of more than one trillion gallons of water per year. While many of these leaks are small, some leaks aren’t always directly visible to the naked eye—they may exist inside your walls in plumbing lines, at joints or connections, pipes, and more. Leaks can even exist beneath your feet in the slab that makes up your home’s foundation. Wherever your leak might be, you need to know for certain where it is, and that’s exactly what the team at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. can help you find out.

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How Do You Know If You Have a Leak?

A plumbing leak can cause serious damage to not only your plumbing system, but also to your home if left untreated. While some leaks remain hidden, others begin exhibiting signs that you can watch out for. If you notice any of the following, please reach out to our team of professional Orange County plumbers right away.

Signs of a Water Leak:

  • Your water bill has suddenly increased
  • Your home smells like mildew
  • You find puddles or pools of water near the sinks or faucets
  • You hear odd noises, similar to water running
  • Your water pressure has decreased
  • You notice water spots on the walls or ceiling

Once you have identified a potential leak, our team can help detect the source and necessary repair. Make sure to schedule a service as soon as you notice a problem as leaks can often worsen, leading to damages to your floors and walls, as well as structural issues, and even health hazards from mold growth.

How Do We Find Leaks?

Finding a leak can be extremely difficult, particularly if your home isn’t showing any signs whatsoever that you have one. Leaks can be hidden beneath your slab, inside your walls, or beneath your sink. They can also be where you would normally expect to see water, such as around water taps or faucets. However, leaks of any size can add up, and before you know it a small drip has expanded into a steady stream that wastes dozens of gallons of water each and every day. When so much is riding on absolute accuracy, you need the confidence of knowing that your home is in the hands of an Orange County leak detection team with years of experience and training. That’s exactly what our team offers here at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Our Team Can Locate Leaks in All of the Following Locations:

A Preliminary At-Home Leak Check

If you want to know if you have a plumbing leak, then we suggest reaching out to our team. However, if you aren’t sure, there’s a test you can run yourself without any special tools or training. All you need is to know where your water meter is. Simply go through your home and turn off any and all faucets and fixtures that use water, including the ones that connect to your toilets, sinks, and appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and water heater. Once every single water connection in your home is turned off, head to your water meter and see if it still continues to turn. If it’s still turning, then there’s a chance you may have a leak and we encourage you to give us a call.

The Name to Trust for All Your Orange County Leak Detection Needs

Here at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, we offer comprehensive leak detection services in the Orange County area that are designed to give you the peace of mind of knowing your plumbing system is leak-free and completely safe. Our goal is to do more than help you preserve one of our most precious natural resources—it’s also to help you save money and enjoy a home that’s stress-free. We know how much damage a single leak can do over time, so we offer fast, reliable leak detection services to find your leaks and get them fixed as soon as possible. We always make sure our results are accurate, reliable, and help you solve your problems for good, plus we offer world-class customer service while doing so. We want to be the name you call for not just leaks, but for all of your plumbing needs, and we believe that relationship begins with an outstanding first experience.

Do you suspect you have a plumbing leak? Stop wasting money on water bills and contact Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. for quality leak detection in Orange County today.

Decades of Impeccable Service:

  • Laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision

    “Took the time to explain in detail what they would do and laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision about what worked best form me.”

    - Rick O.
  • Awesome job and very knowledgeable and very professional suggestions

    “I’m very pleased and looking forward to working with this company. They have other good quality product and services worth looking into. Thank you.”

    - Consuelo N.
  • I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.

    “Very conscientious technicians who took apart and cleaned our unit then waited while we ran and tested water. I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.”

    - Dr. Mark G.
  • The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.

    “After explaining the unit, cost estimate, he repaired the heater professionally. The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.”

  • I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service

    “The guys showed up on time, determined what the problem and very deftly fixed the issue. I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service. I would highly recommend them.”

    - Henna P.

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