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24-Hour Emergency Hydro-Jetting Service for Slow & Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is a problem you will eventually have to face as a homeowner. It’s not a matter of “if’ one will happen, but rather, “when.” Your drains are responsible for carrying away all of the used water and waste that collects in your drains, and that means that over time the inside of your drain lines will eventually close off due to a collection of this grime and waste.

When this happens, avoid turning to a chemical drain cleaner for the “easy” way out; instead, contact us for professional and effective drain cleaning in Orange County. Let us help clear your drains of any blockages so they move smoothly again as quickly as possible.

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How Does the Hydro Jetting Process Work?

Hydro jetting is one of the most popular processes for clearing away blockages from virtually any drain or sewer line in your home. This equipment uses a specialized tool—a jetting nozzle attached to a high-pressure pressure washer—to blast away clogs from the inside, flushing them out of your line entirely.

This process is fast, safe, uses no harmful chemicals, and won’t damage your drain lines, resulting in dangerous water leaks. Jetting typically takes just a few hours to complete, requires only a normal hose and electrical connection, and yields some of the most thorough results of any type of drain cleaning.

Hydro jetting removes the following types of blockages:

  • Hair clogs
  • Waste-based clogs
  • Food clogs
  • Soap scum
  • Limescale blockages

Why Ditch the Chemical Drain Cleaners?

While you might be tempted to choose the “easy” way of handling these issues with a chemical drain cleaner, the damage they cause makes this type of repair far more trouble than its worth. Drain cleaners are typically an extremely strong chemical compound, usually a harsh acid, that is designed to literally dissolve the grime blocking your drains.

While they can do this, they also dissolve just about everything else indiscriminately, including the walls of your drain lines and pipes themselves. As a result, a chemical drain cleaner can actually eat through your drain, resulting in damage that’s much more expensive to fix.

Providing Safe & Effective Services to Protect Your Drains

Instead, the skilled plumbers at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. offer you safe, thorough, and effective drain cleaning services in Orange County that are safe for your drain lines.

Because hydro jetting uses only a blast of water and no chemicals, you don’t have to worry about it corroding your drain lines. Plus our other drain cleaning services like snake or auger cleaning are designed to minimize impact to your lines while eliminating your clog problem for good.

Schedule High-Quality Orange County Drain Cleaning Today

Here at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we treat your home as though it were our own. Every drain cleaning service we complete is handled with the urgency, caution, and expertise you’d expect from one of Orange County’s leading plumbing contractors.

We use the latest tools and techniques to make sure your drain is truly clean, and we even use video inspection systems to visually check your drains and make sure they’re in good condition.

We know that often times drain clog problems are seen as smaller issues, but we treat them with the same amount of care that we would show any other plumbing job, prioritizing your satisfaction throughout the process.

Our goal is not just to fix your issue for today, but to earn your business for every day in the future, becoming the drain cleaning and plumbing experts you choose to trust your home or business to throughout Orange County.

Contact us online or call (714) 695-5566 to request fast, effective & affordable drain cleaning in Orange County today!

Decades of Impeccable Service:

  • Laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision

    “Took the time to explain in detail what they would do and laid out various pricing options that helped me make the right decision about what worked best form me.”

    - Rick O.
  • Awesome job and very knowledgeable and very professional suggestions

    “I’m very pleased and looking forward to working with this company. They have other good quality product and services worth looking into. Thank you.”

    - Consuelo N.
  • I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.

    “Very conscientious technicians who took apart and cleaned our unit then waited while we ran and tested water. I would highly recommend their service for your tankless system.”

    - Dr. Mark G.
  • The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.

    “After explaining the unit, cost estimate, he repaired the heater professionally. The work area was clean. I will recommend them for all residential and business repairs.”

  • I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service

    “The guys showed up on time, determined what the problem and very deftly fixed the issue. I’ve been using Scott Harrison Plumbing since 2003 and I’m extremely happy with their service. I would highly recommend them.”

    - Henna P.

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