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Plumbing Horror Stories

We don’t often think about our home’s plumbing system until something goes wrong. Even when something goes wrong, it will get repaired, and the labyrinth of pipes throughout the house quickly returns to the back of our minds. For some people, the unusual experiences involving their plumbing may make it more challenging to forget so easily. Having your plumbing inspected regularly is important, especially if you want to avoid the following situations.

Plumbing Horror Stories

The Wrath of Winter

When you live in a state with a freezing climate during the winter, it is essential to winterize your home. One man learned this the hard way when he forgot to turn off his home’s main water shut-off valve.

When winter arrived, he traveled to a warmer climate, planning to return to his home once winter turned to spring. Unfortunately, in his absence, his furnace failed, which caused his pipes to freeze and burst—the whole house filled with water and remained flooded for weeks. By the time the man’s brother went to check on the house, almost every water line had broken, and the damage was straight out of a nightmare. The homeowner’s small mistake led to a large job for his local plumber, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

You Get What You Pay For

When she flushed her toilet, a lady panicked when she saw raw sewage come up from the bathtub. The tub began to fill slowly, leading her to call an unlicensed plumber who started to fix the problem and found that a tree root was causing the issue.

Due to his lack of knowledge, he disconnected the toilet from the floor, causing the sewage to flood into the bathroom and, eventually, the living room. The plumber tried to clean up the smelly situation by using his shop vac, but to no avail.

The unlicensed plumber eventually gave up and left the lady with an even bigger problem on her hands. She called a reputable plumbing company that fixed the problem and informed her of the importance of regular pipe inspections and licensed plumbers.

The Wrong Type of Drain Snake

A couple noticed a clog in their sink. At first, they thought it was a routine clog, but after a few hours of trying to fix the situation, they noticed the pipe was leaking in their living room. They called a plumber to look at the situation, who cut out a chunk of the living room ceiling. Nobody was prepared for what was in those pipes.

They noticed a small crack in the pipes where a snake was stuck. As they tried to remove it, they soon found about 20 more snakes stuck in the same pipe! Needless to say, a pest control company was also called to their house that day.

Call An Expert!

No matter your unique plumbing situation, you must enlist the help of an experienced plumber. At Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc., we understand how stressful plumbing problems can be. Fortunately, we are dedicated to helping you get your home running smoothly again! Call us today at (714) 695-5566.