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Sewer Repairs Stink: 4 Ways to Avoid Major Sewer Issues

We all know sewers are essential to our daily lives and the thought of one malfunctioning is not something most people want to dwell on. Although nobody wants their sewer to malfunction, unfortunately, it does happen. When something like this happens it can leave people wondering; could this have been prevented?

The answer is yes.

4 Ways To Avoid Sewer Malfunction

1. Regular Inspections

Sludge and waste can build up within the pipes of the sewer. Regular inspections can help find a problem and fix it before it turns into something bigger. Video camera inspections are great for finding and stopping issues before they start.

Not only can sludge and slime build up within the pipes, but cracks and breaks can also occur. If the cracks are not identified and fixed the pipes can burst which will result in a much larger issue and a much larger bill.

2. Watch What You Flush

No, this does not literally mean you need to watch what is being flushed. This means you need to be mindful of what items are being sent down the drain. Excess toilet paper, feminine products, small toys, and food products can all lead to an increased risk of clogs within your system. While toilet paper is made to go down the toilet, it is important to be mindful of the amount going down at once.

Feminine products, toys, dental floss, food products, etc. can all be disposed of in alternate ways.

  • Trash cans are great for throwing away feminine products, dental floss, and other waste items that would otherwise be harmful for a sewer system.
  • Compost piles/containers are great for excess food products and cooking grease.
  • Drain screens are a perfect solution to keeping hair and other small items from going down the drain and help prevent the threat of clogging.

3. Do not Plant Trees Near Sewer Lines

Planting trees is a great way to help the environment and provide fresh air for everyone, but that fresh air can become overpowered by the smell of waste if placed in the wrong spot. Be careful where you plant trees so their roots do not interfere with the sewer system.

Most trees need to be planted no closer than 10 feet from a sewer or the pipes. If the tree is known for having long spreading roots, then be sure to plant it no less than 100 feet from the sewer or pipes. If a tree is planted too close to a sewer, the roots can begin to grow into the system, which will compromise the integrity of the pipes as well as the whole underground system, leading to serious issues.

4. More Water

In some cases, something going down the drain that shouldn’t, is unavoidable. If this happens it is important to make sure you help that item get to where it needs to go without getting stuck in the pipes. One way to prevent an item clogging the pipes is to run the water a little extra.

The extra flow of water can help push the item along throughout the pipes. If the item does not receive the extra help from the water it could become stuck in the pipes and cause additional buildup that can be harmful to your entire system.

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