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The Importance of Changing HVAC Air Filters

As a homeowner, there are many tasks to check off and things to do in order to take care of your home. The gutters need to be cleaned, carpets and rugs need to be cared for, and the kitchen cleaned regularly — but how often do you think about the air in your home?

Indoor air quality is the unsung hero in our homes: We may not notice it when it’s good, but the minute something goes wrong, it’s all we can focus on. This is what makes changing the air filter in your system such an essential task. But changing the filter has other, less well-known benefits.

Is replacing my air filter necessary?

Maintaining your important home appliances holds the same importance that checking and changing the oil in your car does. The air filter in your HVAC system catches unwanted particles in your air supply, but it also keeps your system running efficiently.

Benefits of Changing Your Filter

A clogged filter makes your heating and cooling systems work harder to force air through the filter and into your home. Changing your filter regularly (most manufacturers recommend at least once every 90 days) keeps your energy bills consistent and your system healthier, longer. Some other benefits include:

  1. Better Indoor Air Quality - Air filters catch and remove particles such as pollen, dust, dirt, pet hair and dander, and insect parts from your air supply. If anyone in your home has allergies, asthma, or another respiratory illness, good indoor air quality can greatly improve their comfort at home and reduce flare-ups of agitating symptoms.
  2. System Runs More Efficiently - A clean filter is able to move air through it more easily. In peak use seasons (winter and summer), your bill can soar to extreme heights as air is forced through a dirty filter for hours a day.
  3. Prevents Premature Breakdowns - Every system will deal with normal wear and tear throughout its lifespan — but when your system has to work harder to deliver fresh air to your home, that normal wear and tear get sped up, which can result in a system that needs expensive repairs more often.

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