A person pouring a chemical drain cleaner down a clogged modern bathroom sink

The Dangers of Using a Chemical Drain Cleaner

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

We’ve all been there before: You run into a stubborn clogged drain in your home — whether it be the kitchen sink or the shower drain — and the water seems to linger around without plummeting freely down the “H2O freeway.”

Although a professional drain cleaning session from a plumber can help eliminate the obstruction quickly and efficiently, some homeowners would rather take matters into their hands with a quick fix — cue chemical drain cleaner.

If you’re tempted to use this chemically-crafted concoction or have been using it to clear a stoppage, here are some reasons why you should consider not using it.

How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Work?

When most homeowners use a chemical drain cleaner, they usually opt for one that’s categorized as a caustic drain cleaner. When that’s the case, this specific drain-clearing “potion” contains caustic potash and lye — which are bases that have hydroxide ions to help remove the blockage.

Once the solution has been poured into the drain, the cleaner's alkaline chemicals begin to heat up and break down anything in their path — such as caked-on grease. Ultimately, this will turn the drain obstruction into a goo-like solution that can easily be washed away.

However, continued use of a caustic drain cleaner can have long term consequences.

What Happens if You Continue to Use Drain Cleaner?

Suppose you happen to use a chemical-based drain cleaner regularly, and your home has PVC pipes. In that case, there’s a chance that the heat from the alkaline chemicals can soften the pipes — which can eventually lead to irreparable damage. Not only can this tarnish PVC pipes, but it can even take a severe toll on older metal pipes too.

What are Other Potential Dangers Linked to Drain Cleaner?

In addition to plumbing pipe damage, using chemical drain cleaners also host other potential dangers, too — such as:

  • Can cause burns (i.e., eyes, skin, etcetera)

  • May eat through clothing

  • Toxic if consumed

  • Release noxious fumes, and more

If you run into a clogged drain in your home, don’t be so quick to grab a chemical drain cleaner to temporarily fix the problem. Instead, rely on the help of your local plumber to help save the day safely and efficiently with a professional drain cleaning!

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