HVAC technician performing work on a central air conditioner condenser unit

Reasons to Have Your AC Tuned-Up Annually

Why are Central Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Important?

One of the best investments you can make for your home is a central air conditioner — especially in Southern California. This system will not only help keep your living space as cool as can be throughout the hottest days of the year, it will even help combat the potential rise of indoor humidity, too.

While it may seem as if your unit can “hit the ground running” with no TLC from an expert, that couldn’t be further from the truth. That said, here’s why annual tune-up appointments are a must (no matter the age of your unit)!

Increase Efficiency

As mentioned above, a central cooling system is a very important component — since it plays a rather large role when the sun’s rays are at their strongest. However, just because your air conditioner seems to be doing fine (or ran without a hitch the year before) doesn’t mean it’s ready to tackle the heat this upcoming summer.

To ensure that your unit will run as efficiently as possible this year, you must schedule a tune-up appointment with a technician. When the various components of your air conditioner are running smoothly (causing little friction), your system will cool your home for a fraction of the cost; you’ll be sure to notice the difference in your monthly utility bills!

Uphold the Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you purchase a central air conditioner, chances are the system is held under a manufacturer’s warranty. This will help avoid any costly headaches down the road if you should run into a system-related problem. However, if you neglect central air conditioner tune-ups or put off timely repairs when needed, there’s a chance your warranty will be voided.

To help ensure that you’re eligible for your warranty, it’s crucial to make sure that your unit is maintained so that the warranty will remain valid.

Increase the System’s Lifespan

When your central air conditioner runs as smoothly as possible, it will leave less room for error — and will even help it last much longer. On average, a central air conditioner will last between 10 to 15 years with annual maintenance. However, failure to pick up the phone (or hop online) and schedule an appointment could cut that life expectancy in half.

AC Maintenance in Orange County California

Is your air conditioner in need of a tune-up? Let the experts at Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. maintain your cooling system so that it runs all year efficiently long! To schedule your appointment with our Orange County pros, call us at (714) 695-5566 or fill out a form online!