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Mission, Vision & Core Values


A good plumbing contractor will always get the job done right the first time, and if they don’t, then they should have no problems standing behind their work and putting in the time that it takes to get the job done correctly. A good plumbing contractor should be solving your plumbing problems, not causing more. Your problem could be a simple leaky faucet, or a complete re-pipe. Never the less choosing a plumbing contractor that has plenty of experience is always the smartest choice.

Experience on Your Side

Scott Harrison Plumbing has been providing plumbing and heating services in Orange County’s residential and commercial customers. Scotty has been providing solutions to all of their plumbing problems for over 26 years. Scott Harrison, the owner of the company has been working in the plumbing industry for over 30 years. With experience like that, you can always count on getting the best solution to your plumbing problems at the absolute best prices. Scott Harrison Plumbing makes it easy to find a dependable service.

Scottie - Scott Harrison PlumbingReliable and Dependable

There is nothing worse than an unreliable plumbing contractor. In emergency situations, a reliable plumber will literally be able to bail you out of trouble. An unreliable plumber will leave you wanting a life jacket as the water levels keep rising. There are many times when reliability is also crucial for remodels or construction. Every part of the remodel or construction job must be completed on or before a scheduled time. There are other contractors that can’t start their jobs until the plumbing is complete. Scott Harrison Plumbing is one Orange County plumbing contractor that takes reliability very seriously. Your repairs or project will be completed on time every time.

A Wealth of Plumbing Services Offered

A well-skilled plumbing contractor should also be able to provide every type of plumbing service there is. You should not have to hire one plumber to repair a water line, and then have to hire a completely different plumbing contractor if you want to install a tankless hot water heater. Scott Harrison Plumbing can easily handle any type of plumbing. From small jobs to big jobs, Scott Harrison Plumbing is the premier plumbing and heating company.

Having any Plumbing issues? Now is the right time to contact Scott Harrison Plumbing, at 714-252-6136 and set up an appointment for all your plumbing needs.

Our Values Make Us your Orange County Plumbers 


Our mission is to be a trusted partner while striving to provide the most complete and accurate services to add value to our clients with sincere and friendly service.


To be well-known in the community as the most trusted and most valuable plumbing and heating company, and to be awarded for our master technical team that can confidently meet any plumbing/heating need matched by our superb customer service.

Core Values:

Professionalism with Gratitude

The most important component to our success is our loyal family of customers who, without them, we could not do the work we love. Our attitude and finished job is done in the spirit of thanks for the support of every individual client.

Trusting In Teamwork

Every team member is an asset to the company in their own right. We depend on each other to be successful as a whole and we trust each other to pull their weight. We rely on each other for guidance and encouragement.

Ethics & Responsibility

The glue that bonds our company with the hearts and minds of our customers is the trust we have built together. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured, trained and committed to do the right thing. Exceeding expectations is our goal.


We participate as a sponsor to the community and contribute with social interest. We make and keep close relationships with our vendors to provide the highest quality product. We have earned the high regards of past customers by dedication to quality for over twenty years. Our brand is more than a logo, it means excellence.


We are the “plumber’s plumber” committed to continued education to maintain cutting-edge knowledge of the trade and to remain leaders in every service and with every manufacturer.