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WaiWela Tankless Units: Ideal Fit for Snack Food Plant

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIF. – The Snak King Corporation, located in City of Industry, has been remodeling, reorganizing and upgrading its 177,000-square­ foot Kosher & Organic certified manufacturing plant since 2004. The Snak King Corp. is one of the largest snack food manufacturers on the West Coast.

Quality Water Heaters: WaiWela Tankless Units’ Product Application

In October 2004, after IWO weeks of torrential rains swept through Southern California, Snak King’s manufacturing plant was crippled for three weeks after a 12,000 square-foot section of the rain weakened roof collapsed directly over the heart of the plant. Though the roof collapse struck at the heart of the plant and disrupted operation, it did not crush the spirit of this gritty, entrepreneurial company lead by chairman and CEO Barry Levin.

As soon as Levin and his learn were sure they were going to survive the tragedy, they decided to lake the opportunity 10 rebuild the plant for the better and invested in “new roof, a new floor and new equipment. Their main goal for the rebuild project was to enhance the efficiency, consistency and capacity of the manufacturing plant with an eye on meeting the ever-increasing consume,” demand for their products now and in the future.

During the progression of Snak King’ rebuilding project, the capacity of its existing hot water system was evaluated by process engineers. They found that the existing hot water system would  not  be  adequate  to  handle  any capacity  increases,  so  they decided  to explore options for replacing the system.

They contacted Richard Ponce, a veteran in the tankless water heater industry who has been involved  in many commercial and residential project  over the years. Richard Ponce is the owner of OPW Sides LLC, a manufacturers’ representative agency, and a consultant who specializes in “Tankless Solutions.”

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