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Scotty Uses Electronic Leak Detection Equipment To Resolve Plumbing Issue

Are you facing a leaky situation? Can’t figure out where the leak is coming from?

One of the biggest plumbing problems that any home or business owner can face would have to be leaks. Plumbing leaks can start just about anywhere you find plumbing. It could be a very simple leak like a leaky faucet or sink, but some leaks are like ninjas. They are silent, they are very hard to detect, and by the time you find them, the damage has already been done. These types of leaks are the perfect candidate for leak detection services.

Torrance leak detection serviceThese types of ninja leaks can cause massive damage to your home or place of business simply because you never find them in time. Most materials that are used in construction are not waterproof. Most of them are not even water resistant. What happens when metal sits in water? It starts to rust, and rust can cause metal to become weaker. What happens when wood or drywall sits in water? It soaks up the water and starts to rot. Rot can lead to all sorts of problems. It can make the material structurally unsound and weak, and the buildup of water causes one thing that no one wants to deal with, mold.

Mold loves to grow in dark damp places. It could be on the inside of a wall if there was a source of water for it to grow. Leaks are perfect for mold growth. A leak provides the mold with a steady supply of nutrients. It helps it grow and you would never even know that it was there.

The Silent Leaks

These silent leaks usually go unnoticed for quite a while. The first sign is usually a jump in your water bill. If you have noticed a spike in your water bill, and there have not been any massive rate increases. You could have a leak that you don’t know about yet, and while you sit there and ponder why your water bill has suddenly gotten so high, the water from the leak is slowly damaging the inside of your home or business and possibly causing mold growth.

It doesn’t always happen this way. You may know that you have a leak, but you just can’t seem to find the source. Every minute that you wait, is a minute that the water from the leak could be doing damage.

Call a Trusted Plumber in Torrance Providing Leak Detection Service

It is time to call an Torrance plumber who specializes in leak detection service.

Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. provides a great solution for water leak detection in Torrance, California. It is not magic. We have over 26 years of experience, and the best equipment that help us find leaks extremely fast.

Contact Scott Harrison Plumbing today at 714-252-6136 to set up an appointment for residential or commercial solution on leak problems.