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Video Line Inspection for Residential or Commercial Drains and Sewers in Stanton

Drain backups can be much more than a frustrating experience, they can also be unsanitary and disgusting. Think of everything that goes down the drain in your home or business. Now think of all of that coming right back up! It is not a very pretty thought is it?

State of the Art  Pipe Line Inspection for Water, Sewage and Drainage

Stanton Video Line InspectionA drain backup in a place of business will bring the business to a screeching halt. There are plenty of over the counter products that can be quickly and easily poured right down the drain, and for the most part they will give you a quick temporary fix. The keyword in that sentence is “temporary.” Drain clogs and backups do not require temporary solutions. These types of problems will require a permanent solution with the help of our Stanton sewer camera inspection service. There is no sense in going through all of these possible problems again a few months down the road.

What is the permanent solution to stubborn drain clogs and sewer line backups?

You probably never thought that you would be asking yourself this question. In order to get a permanent solution to this all too common problem, you have to be able to go to the heart of the problem. That means that a qualified Stanton plumber will have to get inside your pipes, and have a look around. This will help them determine exactly what is causing the clogs and backups, but how can they see inside the pipes?

This is where technology plays a key role. All of these great electronic gadgets are not just for entertainment and communication; some electronic innovations have been adapted to specific industries. Technology helped solve most of Stanton sewer and drain cleaning problems that would otherwise have been impossible. Plumbers are now using one such innovation called video line inspection. If you are looking for Stanton video pipeline inspection, then Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. has got you covered.

What is video line inspection?

Video line inspection allows a plumber to see inside your pipes and find out what is clogging them up. By inserting a small camera into your pipes, a plumber can actually see the inside. They can push the camera along the entire length of the pipe until they find the source of the clog. Generally the inside of these pipes is never a pretty sight, so you might not want to be watching. Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. offers sewer line video inspection in Stanton.

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