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Seal Beach is on the Northwest corner of Orange County California, and it is surrounded by other popular California beach destinations like: Huntington Beach, San Pedro Bay, and Sunset Beach. The city was initially called “Anaheim Landing” and it was home to the first theme park in California. Perhaps this is where Walt Disney got his idea for the theme park that changed the world.

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Seal Beach also has a very strong military presence. It was the main source of ammunition during World War II, and today it is the main source of munitions for the entire U.S. Pacific Fleet. The city was officially incorporated on October 25th 1915.

It is small city consisting of only just over 13 square miles of land. There are currently roughly 24,000 people living in Seal Beach and the population is growing at a steady pace. All of these people at one point in time will face plumbing issues.

Seal Beach plumberSome people will choose to ignore these plumbing problems, and in most cases that is the absolute worst thing that someone can do. Ignoring a plumbing problem can lead to other problems. Here is one scenario.

Bryan new that his toilet kept running, but he chose to ignore the problem. He thought to himself, “It is no big deal. It is only a small amount of water.” Imagine his surprise when he got his water bill that month and it had quadrupled. Toilets that keep running are extremely wasteful and it does not take- very long at all for all of that wasted water to really make your water bill jump through the roof. What may seem like a very small problem now, can grow into an out of control problem for the future.

Scott Harrison Plumbing has been dealing with these types of plumbing situations for over 30 years. Don’t think that a running toilet is too small of a job for a plumbing company. Scott Harrison Plumbing knows how to handle every single plumbing problem imaginable, no matter how big or small.

Scott Harrison Plumbing can handle these plumbing problems:

If you live in Seal Beach and your toilet is running nonstop, make sure that you have a professional plumber fix it before you get that surprise bill. Call Scott Harrison Plumbing today at 714-252-6136.