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Equipped with Experience and State of The Art Tools in Solving Home Plumbing Problems in Orange County

Make stubborn home plumbing problems go away. Home owners face challenges every day. One of those challenges is plumbing. It can be quite a shock to wake up in the morning and step out of bed into an ice cold puddle. The shock is enough to wake anyone up, and as they have a look around the room, they realize that something somewhere has leaked. Panic and frustration quickly sets in as you try to find the cause of all the water.

The very first order of business with any sort of plumbing problem, is finding the water main shut off valve, and turning off the water to your house. An Orange County residential plumbing service can help you if you do not know where your water main shut off switch is located.

Orange County residential plumber

Emergency Plumbing Services

Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating has been helping home owners with all of their emergency plumbing needs for over 26 years. This type of experience can really bail you out of trouble. A company that does not have sufficient experience will take hours to find the leak. All of this time spent “training” their service technicians goes on your bill. Perhaps that is what they mean by paid training. With professional services, you will not have to worry about that problem. With their experience, and their top of the line electronic leak detection, your house will not be underwater for long. Not only will they be able to locate the leak quickly, but they will also be able to put a stop to it even faster.

Stubborn clogged drains

Do you have a drain or water main that is clogged? Scott Harrison Plumbing uses Spartan drain cleaning systems that will break through just about any clog no matter how tough it is. Putting off a clogged drain can quickly lead to a disgusting backup that no one should have to deal with.

Non-emergency plumbing services

Not every residential plumbing service is an emergency. There may be times when you want to remodel your bathroom, or replace your kitchen faucet and sink. Replacing older plumbing can help reduce  your water consumption, and lower your water bills. Maybe you want your house to be more eco-friendly. Installing tankless water heater or some other green plumbing products will do the trick. We are your certified Orange County residential plumber.

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