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Call a Plumber: Orange County Plumbing and Heating Services

It is true that some plumbing projects can be handled by yourself using the help of online tutorials and guides. However, there are also instances where it is better to call a professional plumber to attend to the job and thus save time and trouble.

These instances include those jobs that require a permit like bathroom remodeling or adding a new gas line for the BBQ and main line stoppage when toilets back into the tubs and showers as it should be done using special equipment most homeowners do not have. Replacement of shower valves is best attended to by professionals as it is not only time consuming and complex but there is also the risk of damaging the shower walls. It is not at all advised to work on your water heater without guidance as lots of things can go wrong during a water heater repair.

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It is better to call professional Orange County plumbers to handle such plumbing projects. It is better calling to find out the rates professional plumbing technicians charge before you invest money and time on expensive tools. On hiring plumber Orange County for your plumbing work, the team of professional plumbers assures you of complete plumbing services.

Plumbers Orange County

These plumbers not only offer emergency services, but also routine maintenance plumbing work to help reduce your downtime. Orange County plumbers specialize in all plumbing works ranging from leak detection to drain cleaning to water heater repair in the region. Whether it is your home or business that has plumbing repair work, our plumbing service has the tools and equipment, people and experience to attend to your problem.

Money saving plumbing tips

While waiting for your plumber to attend to your plumbing repair job, there are some plumbing tips that not only offer a temporary solution to your problem, but also save you money. If your plunger does not help clear a clogged toilet, just pour some warm water into the pipe from waist high and once the water level of the toilet bowl goes down, repeat the procedure until the blockage clears. However, don’t use chemicals like toilet tablets. Though they get rid of odors, they cause significant damage to the toilet’s rubber parts.

Orange County Plumbers Always use a strainer in your kitchen sink to collect food and other pieces of material lest you end up with a clogged drain. Similarly, clean the bathtub strainer when it drains slowly. These tips may look small and insignificant, but can save you lots of plumbing repair money.

Always follow a schedule for your plumbing work as it’s no point calling plumbers in for one minor issue. You can save money by having all your plumbing problems fixed at the same time by reducing the trips the plumber makes to your home or business.

If you have tried these plumbing tips, and still need help clearing a blocked drain or replacing a tap, just call Scott Harrison Plumbing Services at 714-252-6136 for quick and efficient plumbing services.

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What a great company!! Woke up to house flooded with sewage!! Called and spoke to a real live person who took info and said expect a call in a bit. 5 minutes later Scott Harrison called us back and said he'd be sending guys over. Alvin and Ruben were there by 8:30 am. These two guys properly assessed the damage and told us how much it would cost. AND THAT AMOUNT IS WHAT WE PAID. Alvin and Ruben were friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company.