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PHCC National Report

by Patrick Wallner, Vice President & Scott Harrison, Zone 4 Director

Expansion of the Clean Water Act: PHCC participated in multiple efforts to request that the EPA withdraw its proposal regulation to expand federal authority over water and land uses in the United States, creating more permitting and environmental review requirements for contractors. The U.S House of Representatives is expected to vote on this proposal soon.

Members who attended the 2015 Legislative Conference last month helped PHCC achieve its goals for contractor visits on Capitol Hill, by educating Congress on issues regarding workforce development, the furnace rule, and general awareness of the industry including continued relationship building. Thanks to all of you here in the room who participated.

Ten members of Congress attended PHCC’s reception on Capitol Hill, where each assured us that our voices are being heard in the Halls of Congress. We also heard from Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and Collin Peterson (D-MN) on workforce development, and strong congressional support for small business.

PHCC President Tindall also met with several high profile Members of the House and expressed PHCC’s concerns regard any proposed rule on a 92% energy efficient furnace. These leadership meetings were well received, and national staff has begun work to educate the House Small Business Committee Counsel on how the rule may be unworkable.


On the technical side, PHCC maintains a presence with all major code bodies to provide contractor input in industry code discussions.

And we have technical staff support available to members for plumbing and HVAC code clarifications and interpretations.

PHCC’s is heavily involved in several important industry issues, like water conservation and energy efficiency initiatives; water heater regulation changes, commercial package boiler efficiency standards; 1.0 gpf drainline carry studies; and backflow prevention, to name a few.


When it comes to being the best, it’s education and training that keeps us at the top of our game. Through PHCC National and the PHCC Educational Foundation, you have access to quality programs, such as some of those held during this convention and bi-monthly webinars that are available real time and on-demand to you and your employees. Our webinars cover a wide range of business management and technical topics. I encourage you to check them out.

A bonus to your membership with PHCC is the chance to tap into our enhanced service groups – the Construction Contractors’ Alliance, Quality Service Contractors, and Union-Affiliated Contractors – for education and resources to meet the specialized needs of the different industry segments.

As the Workforce Development Task Force recommends strategies for the future, the PHCC Educational Foundation has many proven programs in place now to help develop a highly skilled, well-educated workforce for the industry, including state-of-the-art apprentice curriculums for plumbing and HVAC, eLearning opportunities and scholarships.

Member Benefits:

More and more members are responding – and reaping big rewards – from PHCC’s expanded offering of member services.

Top of mind in recent months have been the new water heater efficiency standards that went into effect last month. To help members prepare for the new regulations, PHCC developed a comprehensive “playbook”, that includes anything and everything members need to know to get ready for the big change. If you missed it, it is available on the PHCC website.

In addition, PHCC’s expanded discount programs are saving members time and money. The most popular, a private incentive program with Chrysler, saved members, their employees and family members more than $350,000 in 2014.

These are also new marketing materials available that will help our members let their customers know that they are committed to a higher standard of excellence and protecting public health and safety. In four words…Best People. Best Practices.®

If you want to learn more about how to access any of these programs or services, or get the most value out of your membership, please contact our membership department.


Right now, PHCC is gearing up to take CONNECT 2015 over the top with seminars that will present a wide range of strategies and opportunities, networking events, and, of course, our always popular Product and Technology Showcase. Be sure to join us in sunny Hollywood Florida – that’s near Fort Lauderdale – Sept. 30 – Oct. 2.


I look forward to continuing to work with you as we Build a Better Future for all our members, the industry, and the next generation of p-h-c contractors.


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Patrick Wallner

National Vice President 2015
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Without PHCC, you stand alone.

Scott Harrison

National Zone 4 Director 2015
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Without PHCC, you stand alone.

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