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Keeping Your Dryer Vents Maintained

Listen to Scott’s Advice in Keeping Your Dryer Vents Safe

I would like to speak about clothes dryers and their venting.

Clothes dryers and their venting have parameters of how long it should be run and how many 90s are to be included.

Most dryer vents are not cleaned on a regular basis and a lot of them have holes allowing that lint to leak out and get all over behind the dryer and in the water heater areas.  This is very dangerous as it is inflammable and it can cause house fires, so you should be inspecting your dryer vents and cleaning behind your dryers and washers and keeping that debris away from the water heater.

Also, our modern water heaters are affected.  They are safe, but that dryer lint can prevent them from working, not actually causing a fire but actually shutting the heater down and causing you more repairs.

If you just keep your house neat and tidy and the dryer vent nice and tight, you will not have this trouble.