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Can you imagine how hot the inside of your home would be in the middle of summer if your air conditioning stopped working. Not only would it be miserable, but it could also be very dangerous. Excessive temperatures can cause severe health problems. The elderly and young children are the most susceptible to extreme heat. Now for just a minute, think about the opposite end of the spectrum. How cold would the inside of your house be in the middle of the winter if your heater was not working properly? The same thing goes for the cold. Extreme cold temperatures can be deadly.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Expensive Repairs Away

Orange County Heating and Air Conditioning Proper heating and air conditioning maintenance will prevent any of these problems from ever happening. Over 70% of all Orange County heating and air conditioning problems could have been prevented with a simple yearly routine maintenance plan. Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating has been helping people and businesses prevent heating and air conditioning problems from happening by offering affordable annual maintenance.

Regular routine maintenance also has a few other benefits. The most noticeable benefit is power consumption. An air conditioning and heating unit that gets its much needed routine maintenance works much more efficiently. It uses less power to keep things warm or cool. By using less power your utility bills will be lower. With the rising cost of electricity and gas, regular air conditioning and heating maintenance is something that you can’t afford to miss. If you are looking for an air conditioning and heating company in Orange County California, we got you covered.

Money Saving Improvements

Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating will not only help you with cost effective maintenance, but they can also offer several money saving improvements to your current air conditioning and heating system.  Installing a thermostat timer can keep your air conditioning and heating unit from working when nobody is around. Just set the timer, and keep your bills lower.

Repairs and Installations

Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating doesn’t handle just routine maintenance. They can also repair every brand of heating and air conditioning unit on the market. If you have decided that your air conditioning or heating unit must be replaced, then you will be happy to know that Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating also does full installations.

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