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Fullerton plumberFullerton California was known as an agricultural center. It was one of the leading providers of popular citrus crops like the world famous Valencia oranges that were shipped all over the United States. Fullerton is one of the larger cities in Orange County California. Currently over 135000 people call Fullerton their home, and all of these people are spread out over a 22 square mile area.

The city was also a good source for petroleum, in fact the discovery of the Brea-Olinda Oil Field helped the city grow very quickly. The date of the oil field discovery was 1880 and oil production peaked around 1920. Today Fullerton is known for some of its excellent schools specifically California State University.

The citizens of Fullerton have to face some of the same problems that other people in California have to face. Fullerton Plumbing problems spring up when you least expect them and they are something that should never be ignored.

Fullerton plumberThere are also situations where some preventive maintenance can extend the life of the current plumbing in a residential or business property.

California has hard water. It is just a simple fact. This hard water can be abusive towards your plumbing and appliances that rely on plumbing. Lime scaling and sediment build ups are the result of hard water, and both of these can hurt your appliances.

Plumbing Fullerton

Scott Harrison Plumbing has the solution. Installing a water softening system can prevent hard water plumbing problems for ever happening. It is a small price to pay for extending the life of all of your water based appliances, and most houses have quite a few of them. Garbage disposals, washing machines, refrigerators, ice machines, hot water heaters and dishwashers are all affected by hard water, but we can help.

Scott Harrison Plumbing and Heating, Inc. can resolve any type of plumbing problem like:

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