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Fountain Valley plumbingFountain Valley is one of many cities located in Orange County California. Its close proximity to some of the world famous West coast beaches has help to fuel the growth of this city. Fountain Valley got its unique name from the abundant source of water and artesian wells. When the area was first settled there was too much water to make the land useful. Large drainage canals were built to help reduce the water levels and make the land more useful for agricultural purposes. Once the water levels were lowered, agriculture began, and it continued until sometime in the 1960s.

Once the agriculture slowed down, Fountain Valley started to grow. Houses started being built, and today, currently just over 55,000 people call Fountain Valley home. It has become your typical bedroom community. A bedroom community that relies on something everyone else depends on, plumbing. Without modern plumbing where would we be?

Fountain Valley Plumbing Company: Keeping Homes and Businesses Air Conditioning Cool & Water Heaters Producing Warm Water

Fountain Valley plumberPlumbing is great, when it is working properly. When plumbing problems start to arise they are often difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to deal with. This is where an experienced plumber can make your plumbing problems go right down the drain.

Scott Harrison Plumbing has been helping people and businesses deal with their not so fun plumbing problems in California for over thirty years. From simple leaky faucets to complex bathroom remodels and complete repipes, Scott Harrison plumbing has the experience that you need on your side.

Complex plumbing problems are no longer a problem once you have a Fountain Valley plumber on your side. Get help with common plumbing issues like:

Scott Harrison Plumbing is also certified to handle every single type of air conditioning and heating repairs as well. Preventive maintenance can prevent almost every single type of Air conditioning or heating problem. If it has been more than a year since your home or businesses air conditioning service received any sort of maintenance, then it is time to let us take a look.

We are your source for a/c, heating, and plumbing repairs in Fountain Valley California. Call us today at 714-252-6136.