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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Plumber

Whether you’re looking for a residential plumber to maintain and repair plumbing in your home or a commercial plumber to ensure your retail store, restaurant of office building has functional and effective plumbing, it’s always important to choose the right person for the job.

Choosing the right plumber in Huntington Beach is an important decision. Pick someone qualified and experienced and you’ll reduce the risk of problems occurring in the future. Choose someone without a good skillset and you could end up dealing with leaks, property damage and other major problems.

To help you choose the right plumber for your needs, we’ve listed four factors that you should always look for before hiring a residential or commercial plumber:

Job-Specific Experience

Experience is one of the most important feature you should look for in any plumber. The longer someone has been working, the more likely they are to have worked on similar jobs to yours in the past, giving them the experience required to make quick, accurate decisions.

One way to check a plumber’s experience level is to ask how long they’ve been working. If you choose a service business instead of a solo plumber, check how long the business has been in business. If they’ve been working for several years or decades, they’re usually a reliable choice.

Beyond general experience, it’s important to look at job-specific experience. If you’re looking for an expert plumber to install an appliance or deal with a specific problem, ask about their history of similar work. Good plumbers will have experience solving a wide range of different problems.

License, Bond and Insurance

Unfortunately, not all of the plumbers you’ll find online are licensed. Many consumers are forced to deal with costly repair bills to fix problems created by plumbers that don’t have proper license or professional training.

California law states that plumbing contractors need to be licensed by the government. Before you hire any plumber, ask them about their licensing, bond and insurance to make sure you’re working with a qualified professional.

The only time a plumber can work without a license in California is during an apprenticeship. In most cases, apprentice plumbers will work alongside a licensed plumber, meaning you’ll always have an experienced, qualified plumber available.

Repeat Customers

The best plumbers rarely advertise extensively. Instead, they rely on repeat customers and word of mouth from their satisfied clients to find new business.

This doesn’t mean you should be suspicious of plumbers that advertise. Many plumbers use ads to bring in business on slow weeks, fill in their schedule and find customers. However, when you find a plumber through advertising, it’s still important to check their background and experience.

As always, you’ll get the best advice and recommendations from your friends and family. If your friends, colleagues or family members recommend a plumber, there’s probably a good reason for their recommendation.

Value for Money

It should go without saying, but good plumbers understand that their services are valuable, yet never try to overcharge customers. Most plumbers try to price their services fairly and deliver a good level of value for money to their clients.

One way to check that you’re getting a fair deal before you hire a plumber is to ask for a cost estimate before the plumber starts working. This way, you’ll know how much you can expect to pay for their services before any work begins.

In the world of plumbing, costly isn’t always good and inexpensive isn’t always bad. Most of the time, plumbers try to quote fair prices that ensure you’ll get the results you need without having to pay a premium price.

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