D-I-Y-ers Plumbing Gears and Home Safety Tips in Irvine  

Who doesn’t want to save money when we think we could do the job ourselves? But before you dive into installations or repairs, it’s better off to assess and evaluates the situation. Your safety should always be your priority. Irvine plumbing contractors are always one call away but in any case, you really want to do the plumbing yourself, here are some of the recommended apprentice safety gears you should carefully think of having: 

Safety Glasses. Face shields are way over the top not unless you’re welding.  You might want to reconsider using your reading glasses as well. Always make sure that you have safety glasses or goggles most especially when dealing with chemicals. A splash of chemical or a flying projectile to your eye may lead to visual impairment or worse, blindness. You should consider getting one with side shields to protect your eyes from all angles.  

Face mask. A disposable mask will do. Some chemicals with strong odors may cause eye, nose, and throat or lung irritation. Take the extra precaution of using a face mask to prevent inhalation of dust particles and strong chemicals.  

Body Gear.  It’s not like you’re going out for a date that you have to be all dressed up. You definitely don’t need anything too fancy for plumbing. Wearing snug long sleeves should be a good idea to avoid any cut, scrape, abrasion and laceration.  

Gloves. Gloves are the first line of defense for your hands against hazardous materials. There are different kinds and make. There are gloves that are disposable, impact resistant, cut resistant and chemical resistant as to a lot more. Make sure to have the appropriate gloves depending on the repair or installation you are going to do.  

Footwear. When you play golf, you use your golf shoes. When you run for exercise, you use your running shoes. When you do plumbing, do you really need a specific shoe for the job? Not really-ish. But you don’t want to risk injuring whatever body part you have when you slip, do you? If you want to go PRO, consider getting yourself a pair of boots that is slip resistant and impact resistant. In any case, find something of the same sort. 

Tool Bag. Instead of leaving your tools all over the place think about using a tool bag. May it be a waist tool pouch or a bag as long as you have all your necessary tools handy and secured. Keep everything organized and in one place.  

When doing plumbing projects, make sure that you have all the necessary gears and equipment to finish the task safely not unless you’re a professional like the Irvine plumbers. Accidents happen when you least expect it. Remember what they always say, “Prevention is better than cure. “  

When in doubt or all else fail, get a hold of the well-known and service-oriented plumbing experts in the community, Scott Harrison Plumbing. They’re available 24/7. Call them at (714) 252-6153. Only the best would want the best for you.