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Cerritos plumbingCerritos is just one of the many cities that makes up the Gateway cities of Los Angeles County. When the city of Cerritos was first incorporated it was mostly a dairy producing area. It was known as the Dairy Valley because of the huge population of cows that were part of the dairy farms. There was also a large population of chickens as well. When the city was incorporated in 1956 there were 100,000 cows that roamed the area and over 100,000 chickens were also part of the city. The people were outnumbered by the cows 29 to 1, and the chickens outnumbered the people a massive 30 to 1.

In 1963 residents of Cerritos all voted to allow large scale residential building to begin. The dairy and chicken business slowed down and started to become less profitable. Times were changing in Cerritos, and the population was growing with the changes. Currently there are just under 50,000 people that call Cerritos home. All of these people are spread out over 8.8 square miles of land. That puts around 5500 people per square mile. There is still plenty of room for growth in Cerritos, and it is expected in the coming years.

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Cerritos plumberWith the need for more housing and businesses, there is also the need for more plumbing. Commercial plumbing is a big market, and Scott Harrison Plumbing can help with new plumbing installs while keeping costs at a minimum. Scott Harrison Plumbing will get the plumbing job done on time, every time.

Many of the older houses in Cerritos are starting to face what many other older houses in California are facing, old outdated plumbing that is either showing signs of failure, or it has already started failing. These types of difficulties can only be remedied by an experienced Cerritos plumber.

Scott Harrison Plumbing has the experience that you need on your side. For over 30 years, we have been helping people and businesses to resolve their plumbing issues:

If you live in or around Cerritos California, and you are experiencing any of these plumbing problems, give Scott Harrison Plumbing a call today at 714-252-6136. Our expertise and experience can help you fix plumbing issues.