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5 Must-Have Home Bathroom Tools and Accessories


Have you recently moved into a new home or apartment? Once you’ve moved in all of the essential furniture and appliances, you’ll need to stock your bathroom with a range of tools and accessories for cleaning, basic plumbing and more.

In this blog post, we’ll list five must-have home bathroom accessories for keeping your bathroom spotless and working its best. Read on to learn what you should be stocking in your bathroom cabinet for quick repairs and home maintenance.

Chemicals and cleaning supplies

Every bathroom gets dirty, from dust and dirt on the floor to dirty drains that can become clogged up with hair. Because of this, it’s important to stock your cabinet with at least a few chemicals and cleaning supplies. Keep at least one surface cleaner for taking care of general wear and tear. Stock up with a drain cleaning product for fixing blocked shower drains with ease. Complete your bathroom cleaning set with sponges, brushes and a pair of rubber gloves.

Shower wiper blade

Does your shower have a glass door? Keeping a shower wiper blade on hand makes cleaning up your bathroom a breeze. Wiping down your shower prevents mold and mildew from developing over time, reducing your total cleaning needs. Clip your wiper blade to your shower door and use it to wipe down windows, your bathroom mirror and other glass surfaces after a hot shower. Excess moisture can quickly turn into mold, which should never be welcome in your bathroom.

Toilet and sink plungers

Plungers are fantastic bathroom tools, and having a pair on hand makes it easy for you to fix blocked drains and toilets. Keep a sink and toilet plunger in your cabinet to unclog your toilet, sink or shower drain when the need arises. It’s important to have both plungers on hand, since the typical sink plunger that’s found in many bathrooms is generally ineffective at unclogging toilets. Make sure you clean your plungers using hot water and cleaning solution after using them.

Sealant and sealant gun

From showers to toilets, sealant is vital for repairing the gap separating bathroom fixtures from your bathroom. Damaged seals can lead to leaks, which can lead to a lot of damage to your bathroom’s flooring. Keep a sealant gun on hand – either in your bathroom or inside your garage – with some waterproof sealant, and you’ll be completely prepared to fix broken bathtub, shower and toilet seals should the need arise.

Hand auger

Have you ever cleaned a blocked drain? A hand auger is a hand-cranked tool used to reach into bathtubs, showers and sink drains and clear debris. Most hand augers can extend as far as 25 feet into the drain to remove hair and other debris. As well as a hand auger, consider buying a closet auger (short for “water closet,” it’s an auger for your toilet) to repair blockages and clogs in your toilet. It’s a great tool to have on hand if your plunger fails to remove blockages from your toilet.