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5 Different Ways to Fix a Blocked Toilet in 10 Minutes or Less


Is your toilet blocked? Using too much toilet paper, combined with plumbing that’s not designed for modern toilets, can result in blockages. Luckily, blocked toilets are usually easy to fix in just a few minutes using basic equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll share five different ways that you can fix a blocked toilet in 10 minutes or less. From cleaning chemicals to the classic toilet plunger, read on to find out the fastest way to clear your toilet and get it working again.

Use a toilet plunger

Here’s the classic fix: unblock your toilet using a plunger. There are two varieties of plunger available – sink plungers and toilet (or closet) plungers. The closet plunger is best suited to most toilets, but in most situations a sink plunger will also do.

Place the head of the plunger inside the toilet and gently press it down. Press it up and down using a gentle but firm motion to force the water up and down. After two or three presses, the toilet should clear and the water should drain out.

Use a toilet brush

Sometimes, a blocked toilet can be fixed using nothing more than a toilet brush. This method is particularly handy if you don’t have a plunger available and need to fix an annoying blockage without making a trip to the hardware store.

Use your toilet brush like a plunger and press into the area of the blockage. If your toilet isn’t severely blocked, the motion of the brush should free the blockage and help the toilet drain and return to normal.

Use a mop and bag

If you don’t have a closet plunger or toilet brush, you can unblock your toilet with a mop and plastic bag. Cover the head of the mop (the end you use for cleaning) using a plastic bag and use it as an improvised toilet plunger.

You’ll want to be careful not to use too much force when unclogging your toilet with a mop, since excess force can break the plastic bag. Just like the toilet brush method, this is best suited for light blockages caused by toilet paper.

Use caustic soda

Caustic soda reacts with water and wears down substances that could be blocking your toilet from draining. It’s a hazardous chemical, so make sure you wear rubber gloves, eye and mouth protection when using it to clear your toilet.

Mix the caustic soda with water following the manufacturer’s instructions and pour it into the toilet carefully. Make sure you don’t mix any water into the caustic soda – there’s the potential for it to react and cause dangerous fumes.

Pour the solution into the toilet and close the lid. Let it sit for several hours (or even overnight for a severe blockage) before washing it out carefully using two buckets of hot water. This solution is best used as a last resort for severe blockages.

Call your local plumber

If your blocked toilet can’t be fixed using the plunger, brush or mop methods listed above, it’s best to call a local plumber. They’ll be able to fix the problem quickly, and you’ll avoid having to use potentially hazardous substances like caustic soda.

Many blocked toilets can take a long time to clear using household equipment, but just a few minutes for an experienced plumber. If your blocked toilet seems not to want to be fixed, call in a professional to take care of the problem for you.