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5 Common Business Plumbing Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

From hiring the wrong person for your plumbing jobs to trying to solve them all by yourself, many business owners make serious plumbing-related mistakes that cost them both time and money.

In this blog post, we’ll cover five of the most common plumbing mistakes businesses make, why they’re not worth making yourself and how you can easily avoid them by working with an experienced professional.

Calling any plumber to fix a complicated problem

Is your highly specialized commercial dishwasher having drainage problems? If so, you should call someone who’s experienced in dealing with the specific equipment in your restaurant, not just any plumber within your area.

Specialized equipment requires specialized experience, and calling a plumber who’s not experienced in dealing with your equipment is often a waste of time. Look up an expert who can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and repair it.

Choosing the cheapest plumber you can find

Got a leaky faucet? How about a burst pipe? Is your office toilet giving off a rather nasty odor that suggests something’s wrong? All of these are serious issues, and a low-cost plumber may not be the best choice to solve them.

Choosing a plumber based on price alone is like choosing anything else based on its price; when you buy cheap, you risk sacrificing quality. Many inexpensive plumbers may perform low quality work that doesn’t last for long or solve your problems.

Instead of choosing your plumber based on price, choose them based on experience, quality and suitability. In the long term, you’ll save far more money by working with an experienced, high quality plumber than a cut-rate rogue contractor.

Ignoring recommendations from other businesses

The best plumbers are experienced, well trained and – more importantly than any of the other qualities listed here – vouched for by their customers. If another business owner gives you a recommendation for a plumber, pay attention to their advice.

The best indicator of quality is a plumber’s work history. If their customers tend to be content and happy, you most likely will be to. Likewise, if you’re hiring a plumber online, check their website for testimonials from existing satisfied customers.

Trying to solve complex problems by yourself

From leaks to frozen pipes, some plumbing problems seem far easier to solve than they really are. As a result, it’s easy to think that you – as an amateur – might have just the skills and knowledge to do the job yourself.

Trying to fix plumbing issues by yourself can sometimes be successful, but it’s more often than not an ineffective strategy. Instead of doing it yourself and causing extra problems, call a professional and get them to provide a lasting solution.

Not getting your plumbing frequently serviced

If your plumbing system works properly and you’ve never experienced any issues so far, it’s easy to think that servicing is unnecessary. Not so – servicing your plumbing frequently prevents common problems from occurring and saves you money.

Why? Because frequent servicing lets your plumber detect and fix potential leaks or other issues long before they can actually happen. The end result, for your business, is a reliable plumbing system that lets you operate a stress-free business.