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4 Home Tips for Quieter, Cleaner and More Efficient Plumbing

Have you run on the faucet, only to notice that your sink is worryingly noisy? Or turned on the bathroom tap to hear creaky noises from your home’s plumbing? Or noticed a bad smell from your kitchen sink when you drained the water?

Even the newest, most modern homes can have plumbing issues, ranging from creaky, noisy pipes to odors that linger in the drain. Often, these problems aren’t the result of bad design or poor installation, but simple maintenance issues that you can solve quickly and cheaply.

Below, we’ve shared four simple but effective home tips that you can use (or, if you prefer not to work on your home’s plumbing, you can hire a professional to do) to reduce plumbing noise, cut down on unwanted drain odors and make your home’s plumbing system more efficient.

Use expanding foam to quiet noisy sinks

Most sink basins are made from a thin layer of metal, which means they’ll echo when you run a tap at a reasonable level of pressure. The impact from the water hitting the sink can reverberate throughout the area below — typically an empty space in a kitchen counter or vanity unit.

This is particularly common if you have two stainless steel sinks installed next to each other. As the sinks have a small space between, the noise that occurs when water hits the sink can echo easily and become louder — and more annoying — due to the design of the sinks.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to fill the space between the sinks — and around each sink, if they’re separated or you only have one stainless steel sink installed — using a container of expanding foam from your nearest hardware store.

Foam fills in the gaps between your sink and its surroundings, putting pressure on the sink that counteracts the impact of the water and stops vibrations. While this won’t deaden all sounds, it has a huge positive impact on the level of noise your sink will produce under running water.

Use felt to keep copper pipes quiet and peaceful

Have you ever noticed a creaking sound when you run hot water? The copper pipes that many homes use to transport water from a central heater to a faucet can expand because of the heat of your hot water supply, causing friction and noise from joints and pipe fastenings.

Most of the time, these creaking noises aren’t a particularly big deal. However, if your home or apartment has uses drywall that doesn’t provide much noise insulation, the sound produced by copper piping can quickly become an annoyance.

You can solve this problem by picking up some adhesive felt at your local hardware store. Fix the felt to the pipe, around the area that enters into each fastening. This way, the friction from the copper expanding and contracting is deadened, stopping the annoying creaking noises.

Use a toilet plunger to simplify sink trap cleaning

Does your kitchen sink smell bad? Most of the time, bad odors from your kitchen sink are the result of food parts, coffee grounds and other substances collecting and sitting inside the sink trap.

Cleaning a sink trap can be a smelly process, but there’s one quick and simple way to make it cleaner. Before you remove the cleanout plug, find a toilet plunger and plunge your sink drain two to three times.

The pressure created by the plunger will flush water out of your sink trap, reducing the amount of mess you’ll have to deal with when you open it up and start cleaning.

Blocked drain? Try a hair snare before you call the experts

Most blocked drains — especially blocked bath and shower drains — are the result of old hair that builds up over time, producing a blockage. Instead of calling a plumber straight away, you might be able to save time and money by using a hair snare to catch it yourself.

Products like Zip-It hair snares are designed to reach into a drain and latch onto hairs that build up over time. If you have long hair, there’s a serious chance your blocked shower drain is easily fixable with a cheap product and a couple of minutes of your time.

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